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IS A.C. Theory                                 *Analysis of dc resistive network
IS Auto-Transformer
IS Basic Definitions & DC Circuits
IS Construction and Priciple of Operation of IM
IS Constructional Features of D.C Machines
IS D.C Motors                                 *DC Circuit
IS DC Circuits                                  *DC Transient
IS Direct Current Circuits
IS Eddy Current & Hysteresis Loss
IS Equivalent Circuit and Power Flow Diagram of IM
IS Generation of sinusoidal voltage
IS Introducing the Course on Electrical Engineering
IS Introduction to AC Circuits
IS Loop Analysis
IS Losses, Efficiency and Testing of D.C. Machines
IS Magnetic Circuits
IS Measurement of Power in three phase AC Circuits
IS Nodal Analysis                                *NodalAnalysis
IS Node-voltage analysis
IS Phasor Diagrams
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IS Phasors                           *Principle of Operation of D.C Machines IS Principles and Working of DC machines
IS Problem Solving on D.C Machines IS Problem solving on Transformers
IS Resonance in Series Parallel Circuits IS R-L & R-C Transients
IS Series RC, RL, and RLC Circuits IS Series_and_Parallel_Equations_from_a_DE_perspective
IS Single-phase AC Circuits IS Sinusoids Review of Sine and Cosine Functions
IS Sinusoids IS Sinusoids-and Phasors
IS Solution of Current in AC IS Source Transformations
IS Starting Methods for Single-phase Induction Motor IS Study of DC-AC Measuring Instruments
IS Superposition Theorem IS The Study of Root Mean Square (RMS)
IS Thevenin’s and Norton’s IS Three Phase Circuits
IS Three-phase AC Circuits IS Three-phase Delta
IS Three-phase Induction Motor IS Torque-Slip (speed)Characteristics of Induction Motor (IM)
IS T Phase IS Transformer
IS Vectors_and_phasors IS Wye (Y) - Delta (∆) OR
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