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IS Applications of Adsorption
IS Corrosion and its Control  lecture 1
IS Corrosion and its Control word           *Corrosion and its control pdf
IS Elastomers
IS Introduction to Chemistry
IS Ion Exchange or Deionisation or Demineralization Process
IS Isotherms
IS lubricants
IS Modern Instrumental Methods of Analysis
IS Plastics                                           *Plastics-1
IS Polymer 01 to 21                 *Polymer 22              *Polymer 23 to 44
IS Role of activated carbon in pollution
IS Role of Adsorption in Catalysis
IS Role of adsorbent                           * Role of Adsorption in Catalysis
IS Water Technology        *Water Technology       *Water Technology-2
IS Atomic Structure Angular Momentum
IS Atomic Structure Particle In A Box
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IS Atomic Structure  Structural Chemistry IS Molecular Structure Non-covalent interactions structures of Liquids
IS Atomic Structure Multi-Electron Atoms IS Molecular Structure Polyatomics
IS Atomic Structure The Schrodinger Equation IS Reaction Kinetics and Dynamics Complex Reactions
IS Atomic Structure Wave Functions and Charge Densities. IS Reaction Kinetics and Dynamics Elementary Reactions and Reaction Mechanisms
IS Electrochemistry Applications of Electrode Potentials IS Reaction Kinetics and Dynamics Experimental methods in chemical kinetics
IS Electrochemistry Batteries and Fuel Cells IS Reaction Kinetics and Dynamics Integrated Rate Laws
IS Electrochemistry Corrosion IS Reaction Kinetics and Dynamics Lasers in Chemistry
IS Electrochemistry Free energy and EMF IS Reaction Kinetics and DynamicsTemperature Dependence of Reaction Rates
IS Electrochemistry Review Of Thermodynamics IS Solid State Chemistry Band Theory of Solids
IS Experiments in Chemistry Properties and Partition Coefficient IS Solid State Chemistry Closed Packed Structures
IS Experiments in ChemistryKinetics and Photochemistry Iodine Clock Reaction and Photochemical Reduction IS Solid State Chemistry Lattices and Unit Cells
IS Experiments in ChemistryTitrations Acid-Base, Redox & Complexometric IS Solid State ChemistryBragg's Law, Xray diffraction
IS Molecular Spectroscopy Electronic Spectroscopy IS Solid State ChemistryIndexing Diffraction Patterns
IS Molecular Spectroscopy Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy IS Surface Chemistry Adsorption
IS Molecular Spectroscopy Other spectroscopic methods IS Surface ChemistrySurface Characterization Techniques
IS Molecular Spectroscopy Rotational and Vibrational Spectroscopy IS Theories of Reaction Rates PES - I
IS Molecular Structure Hetenuclear Diatomics IS Theories of Reaction RatesPotential Energy Surfaces
IS Molecular Structure Homonuclear Diatomic Molecules IS Theories of Reaction RatesTheories Of Reaction RatesCollision Theory
IS Molecular Structure Non-covalent interactions Intermolecular Forces IS Theories of Reaction RatesTransition State Theory
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