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Exam Important Papers

Important Questions for B.Tech. First Year
Dec 2016 - Jan 2017 Exams.
Materials Science
SRM Univ.
1-Write a note on Magnetoplumbite.s and mention any two applications.
2- Write the working with neat diagrame define Scanning ion conductance microscopy.
3- X-Ray flouresence system utilising a pulse hight analyser.
4- Explain with diagram, the variation of fermi level with temprature, of N-Type semiconductor.
Derive the expression of Hall co-efficient, to N-Type semiiconductor based on Hall effect.
5- Discribe construction and working of photoconducting device with theory.
Explain working of Giant Megnetoresistance and colossal megnetoresistance.
6- Law method of X-Ray differaction.
Construction and working of  Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer ( FTIS ).

7- Define in details
a- Carbon Nano Tube.
b- Synthasis of Carbon nano tube by Arc discharge and CVD Method.
8- Write short notes on.
a-Photoemissive cell.
b- Photomultiplier Tube.
c- Physical Vapour Deposition.
d- Cobalt chromium alloy.
e- Acrylic resins.
9- Write in details about
Stainless steel metalic implant and hydrogels.
With neat diagram explain the mechanism of Biosensors.
10- Discribe the synthesis of  Fullarenes by Arc discharge Methods and mention it's two applications.
With neat diagrames  explain the working concept of  Scanning Ion conductance Microscopy.
11- Detailed Instrumentation of  Differential Thermal Analysis.
Explain  Pulse height analyser technique of  X-Ray Flourescence.

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